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It`s easy to fall in love for a persian cat: as kittens they are soft hair balls, as adults imponent cats with statuary and regal looking.

It belongs for life indoor and it doesn`t need large spaces.

It likes anything soft: coaches, pillows but expecially its master`s legs!

Ideal for children given its behaviour and quite (but without exceed, it
isn`t a toy)

It can stay among other pets being discrete and with a relaxing behaviour, it
is also quite silent and it complains rarely.
Although being quite it is always ready to play and indeed it will play also
during its adultness...indeed it remains as an eternal kitten but sometimes it
needs that someone else takes the iniziative otherwise it will go on in its
favourite lay on a coach or maybe in front on the fireplace on.

Very smart and vigil. It is very tied to its master and being very sensible
it would react to any diversion of its master`s mud. It will be disappointed
if we don`t care about him or if we have left him too long alone.
It detests remarks of any kind and noises or joules annoy him very much.

Around 5 or 6 months of age it will look already in its shape although the real and final development is reached around 1 year or even later.

The same rule applies for sexual development.Queens should be bred over 12 months where males after 14 months although it is not a rule and it doesn`t apply for everyone.

It likes to be brushed and toeletted with phon and given that these cares will be necessary for its entire life in order to keep him in good shape, it must to get used to it since its childwood.

It is definitively unwise to allow a persian outdoor because its coat would get damaged and also its phisical structure is not proper for the life outdoor.

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One of the most remarkable characteristic is its coat. It is so actractive
that anyone gets involved of its beautyness.
The best moment for the coat shape it`s on wintertime or during the cold
season anyway while on warmer times the coat it`s a bit reduced but still
long uniformly.
Because of the lenght, the coat needs daily cares to keep it in the proper
way because a negletted persian would appear visible at first glance to

This is because its coat, being long, it is more prone to hairballs and to
get dirty. This is clearly visible on lite colours individuals.

Thus, before wishing a persian cat as a friend, make sure that you would have
time to spend for him and its grooming.
Brushing its coat you make sure to avoid problems because the cat would eat
the death hairs by licking himself.
This can rise to serious problem like gastrites, intestinal costipation or
even disturbs to its breething system.

On colder seasons, the coat just needs to be brushed daily while during the
warmer it must be brushed twice a day to help the occurring change in the
For a pet, a monthly bath is enough while for show cats, a bath every 15 days
is raccomandable ( contact us for details and informations )


Development and Curiosities

In this breed problems during deliveries and weaning are quite common.
Usually a normal litter size is about 3/4 kittens and rarely more.
Compared to other breeds, persian queens seem to be a bit misplaced in the
role of mother and to safeguard the litter a breeder should constantly assist
the mother with kittens.Deliveries in persians can result more difficult than in other breeds given the enhanced skull size in this breed.

Kittens might also have breething problems due to the reduced extension of the noze channel. During delivery it is common to be forced to help the mother in breaking the amniotic sacs and cutting the ombe