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More frequent deseases



-Obesity that might result in hart problems.
-Cold caused by reduced noze lenght and reduced air rechange during breathing.
-Noisy breathing
-Intestinal problems due to the ingestion of hair balls.
-Reduction of kidney`s activity due to the presence of calcium oxalates.


Other more common sicknesses


Feline Urinary sindrome ( FUS ): It is a desease occurring in males in bigger extent than females for several reason which are not clear yet.It results in obstruction of the uretra by clacium oxalate crystals or metabolic wastes. It results in enhanced azhotemie in the blood and therefore it might carry complicances like disidratation or even intoxication which may result in a real poisoning of the blood.In rare case, things may develop quite fast and that`s why it is wise to react immediately as the first possible syntoms are likely to appear. Syntoms are characterized by repeated attempts to urinate, difficults in doing it that can be even painful.It is not uncommon that the cat starts to urinate outside the litterbox and sometimes, blood can be mixed to urine as well. If the cat is showing hunger, vomit or it looks a bit down in a way, the problem is developping seriously. In such cases a veterinary consult is raccomended. In most of cases, a proper diet with low magnesium level and therefore allowing and favouring higher ph of the urine, is able to solve the problem in a reasonable lap of time. In severe cases, when the uretra is totally obstructed, the cat must be helped to urinate by a catheter. Thev reason of this desease can be due to phisical restriction of the uretra and/or batterial infections that may result in irritation of the tissues.
This can be also determined by feeding the cat with high mineral level or due
to disorder in the cat`s metabolism. Once a cat resulted sick and eventually recovered, it must be kept under a proper diet for its entire life given its sensibility to the problem that may occur again.

FELINE LEUKEMIE ( FeLV ): This virus affect the blood and it may cause tumors or other blood deseases.The gap between the contact with the virus and the appearance of the first synthoms may vary and to be delayed even for years.
Blood test is enough to determine the presence of the virus. Infection may come from contact with other cats who are infected even if not showing any signs of the desease.
infected cats spread the virus in the environment with their salive, blood and fecal waste.Last research estimated that the 8% of all the cats is infected. A vaccin against this virus is available by your vet. It is wise to vaccinate all the cats living in group and also the ones living in pet-pension or cat living without other pet but attending shows or going outdoor.

FELINE IMMUNODEFICENTIE VIRUS ( FIV): The progress of this sickness in cats resembles the one for AIDS in humans. Humans don`t get affected by this virus and the sick individual has probably got the virus by the bite of a carrier.
Blood test can easily reveal the presence of the virus while the real infection could remain silent and unsospected for years without testing.

GASTRIC ENTHERITE: This viral deseases is majorly affecting kittens producing even mortality. It appears with vomit, diarrea, fever.
Although a vaccine is available, in some case, the cat may recover with a proper antibiotic treatement.

RINOTRACHEITE: This sickness shows noze leaking and eccessive tears, sneezes, possible fever and possible ulcera in the mouth.
When not treated as should, it may provoque cronicism in leaking and lunghs problems. Vaccination is raccomended.


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FIP.: Feline Infectuous Peritonitis is the name of this sickness due to a mutation of FeCV Feline Corona Virus. Being a mutation, it is quite unpredictable although its presence is likely to appear among groups of cats living togheter and therefore it may appear in catteries as well.Researches are going on although there isn`t yet any care for it. Only a good husbandry of the cattery and daily housekeeping of the
environment may minimize the risk of infection. Your vet will be able to inform you about FIP.

CAT SCRATCH SICKNESS: It is an infection due to bacteria always present on the cat`s nails. In the most of cases, it resolves spontaneously although it may remain silent for weeks and to exploit in an ascess.
Wide spectrum antibiotic are the usual solution is such cases.

INTERNAL PARASSITES: Cats can be affected by several parassites like worms or other but prevalently involving the final trait of the intestine. A veterinary consult would be advisable in order to minimize the risk.

FLEAS: It is a very common problem for cats living outdoor, but sometimes and in some conditions, it may be a problem for the ones indoor as well. In case of ingestion, it may produce even Tenia. Ask your veterinary about it.



TOXOPLASMOSI: Although it is a parassite that cats can get with raw meat, it doesn`t affect seriously the cat`s health.It is instead very dangerous for pregnant women who are raccomended to avoid any contact with litterboxes or suspected cats.

TIGNA: It is produced by fungi.In humans it result in circular red marked patches very hitchy.

VACCINATIONS: It is possible to vaccinate your cat against the most common deseases and sickness like the Panleucopenia, the Rinotracheitei, the FELV in order to minimize the risk. Talk with your vet who will be able to suggest the proper program.




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