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Feline curiosities



To remove the final part of the claw that,
bent of opaque white color, many cats that you/they live
in the apartment they eat the fingernails. They get with
the teeth what the cats of country do scratching
the bark of the trees. If the cat of city' not
it ever goes out and you see it with very long claws, you are able
to cut them. You watch out a lot of for to eliminate only her
it departs final of the covering of the fingernail.
If the you do for avoiding that the cat scratches the furniture,
and' useless. In fact the cat in the house will have' however
the instinct to use the fingernails to claw couches and curtains.

- You Wind the cat in a napkin (leaving out
only one leg at a time) and hold I stop him/it with the
left arm. -

You take his legs among two fingers and you press
slightly to make to go out the unglies. If you look with
attention you will see the pink root of the claw, where
it flows the blood. You watch out for to cut well under.
You hold to course of hand a barber stick for
to stop the exit of blood, if you had to be wrong you.

- You cut the white point with a pair of earwigs
bent with a fast movement.

- During the whole operation, you talk to the cat for
to reassure it. If you see that it gets excited too much,
you stop. Not and' an essential intervention.



If our cat and' so' good to always do
the needs in the cassette, but it doesn't cover them,
don't scold it. The habit to bury I did her
and' typical of the wild cats that recognize her/it
presence of other dominant cats. And' typical of the
feline dominant, to leave the excrements open.
When the cat of house digs in the litter, not and
for sense of cleaning. Simply it recognizes,
the human ones of house as masters. In a house where
they cohabit more' cats, are able' to happen that some
bury I did her and others no.



The diet of the cat has to also understand rice or pasta well cooked, vegetable and fruit. The food regime has to be various, but it doesn't have to understand your manufactured foods, the chocolate, the sweets, the foods with pepper and very salty, the seasoned cheeses and the vegetables. The preservatives used in the foods for human they are able to be harmful. During it eats up her/it, you will have noticed a common behavior, that to remove with the legs the food from the bowl:
- to break too much better a piece of great food;
- or to avoid to touch the bowl with the face,
action that causes bother.



Important to avoid that the litter is set too much
next to the area where the cat eats, or where you/he/she plays.
A wrong position would be able, in fact,
to provoke an incorrect and inconstant use of the same one.
The access to the litter has to be easy and autonomous,
and its location should guarantee one
certain reservation to the animal. In the most greater part
of the residences the balcony, with possible use
of exit or the bath, they can be all right.



Being essentially the cat a nighttime raider, his visual abilities I am very you develop. The vertical form of the pupil allows, therefore, a best regulation of the influx of light, in comparison to that allowed by a pupil circular form.This allows the cat not to remain "blinded" in case of strong diurnal brightness, also helped in this by the possibility to reduce
the influx of light to the retina through the partial one lowering of the eyelid. This last, interacting through an angle of 90° with the vertical pupil, a precise mass it allows him fire of the objects in every condition of light.



In case of pregnancy it is opportune to adopt some hygienic measures to prevent the possible transmission of the toxoplasmosi from the cat to the woman. First of all to prevent that the cat can become infected he is to avoid well that he consume raw meat or that can ingest her preys of hunting (mice, lizards etc). You woman in pregnancy not she should touch the litter of the cat without gloves. The daily cleaning of the litter guarantees that the parasite, eventually eliminated, you don't turn him into its infected form. This process of transformation requires, in fact, at least 48 hours of time. The jobs of gardening with gloves should be performed for avoiding the contact with possible excrements of the cat. Adopting these measures of prevention is possible to quietly continue to
to cohabit with her own cat without the health of the woman has put to risk. Finally it is to remember well, that the principal source of the infection for the human beings is represented by the ingestion of raw meat or vegetable, a little wash.



The termo regulation of the cats, being these animals
the incessant work is submitted to of it licks some his own mantle, that through the evaporation of the saliva, it allows a lowering of the bodily temperature during the warm season. When such behavior becomes insufficient, the animal begins to lose the hair, activating so the only mean to own disposition to improve the cooling of the body.


It deals with the so-called attitude "I terrify" common in a lot of kinds of animals, belonging to the most different groups. The cat, of forehead to one potential of his raider or aggressor, what an unknown or aggressive dog, arches the back to U, he lifts up the hair and he stretches completely the limbs, setting herself on the wrong side in comparison to the dog, which appears, so, a lot greater than, in effects, it is not. Contemporarily the feline utters a puff, as he could make a snake. If it decides to pass to the attack, this puff has an instant peak of volume, that subsequently increases the impressive effect of it.


Because in the cats they are only the females to be able to have the hair of three different colors?

The answer gives her the genetics. The coloration
tricolor is encoded inside the two chromosome X
(what, together with those Ys, they determine the sex
in the individual): the white and the red are determined
from the geniuses of one of the two chromosome, while the black from
those belonging to the other. In the cats, as in many
other animals, understood the man, the double chromosome X is characteristic of the females, while the couple XY characterizes the males. This makes possible, therefore, the demonstration of everybody and three the colors of the alone mantle in the females.


The itch is defined as the feeling that brings to the
desire to scratch him. The receptors of the pain, if
stimulated in light way, they furnish the perception
of the itch. They don't exist, in fact, specific receptors.
In a cat the itch can easily point out a
allergic phenomenon or to have an origin
from parasitic. To formulate a diagnosis I am
essential the examination of the skin and the hair and also the
I check around the distribution of the lesions. In the
case of suspicious allergy to feed the confirmation of the
diagnosis is possible opportunely modifying her
diet. The allergy to the fleas is perhaps the cause more
frequent of itch in the cat. Sometimes it is difficult
to see a flea on the mantle, because these bugs
parasites live for the most greater part of the time
in the domestic environment. If your cat manifests
itch, hand to visit it and you helps the veterinarian
to formulate a diagnostic plan furnishing
all the information that can result profits.



If you desire that your cat doesn't go anymore
in heat there are two choices: to administer her
hormonal medicines that suppress the heat, with
the risks and the collateral effects that their use
it behaves, or to sterilize her. The sterilization
it determines the complete removal of the ovaries and
optionally also of the uterus. You binding of the
tubas it doesn't provoke the suspension of the heat and the
demonstrations to it you associate, but you/he/she is accompanied
from possible complications above all for a long time term.
In the male the castration represents the only effective method to obviate to the demonstrations of urine of the territory that have a sexual base. The vasectomy or binding of the deferential scholars,
it provokes permanent sterility, but it doesn't alter the
sexual behavior of the males, that maintains their ability to pair off herself.



These animals don't sharpen her own fingernails. In the case of those of the anterior legs, they free him some old horny case box, that constitute the external layer of the same fingernail, with that that a sort can be considered of "molt". to facilitate this manoeuvre, the cat looks for a proper object, and you attack furiously up to when he doesn't reach her purpose. In the case of the fingernails of the back legs, instead, those old are torn from bites.




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