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Cat shows



Moments of the show to Trieste - Italy


To attend a show with your cat, you need to register your cat by the feration organizing the show.
The most of the time, you have time untill a few days before the show itself.

A form must be filled and accepted by the federation.
This will allow the federation to prepare the catalogue of the show where the names of all cats and expositors are written.

On the show, you must collect your number by the secretery and the cat must pass a veterinary examination.

It is necessary that the cat is in order with vaccination including anti-rabbic if the show is abroad and if the cat is older than 5 months.
The cat must have a good look and therefore its coat must be toeletted and rearranged a few minuts before entering the cage by the judge.

Contrarly to dog shows, in the cat fancy both entire and sterilized cats may attend the show.
They will be divided in different class...Champion and Premior respectively.
The show program is organized to have the several things happening on precise moment of the day.

The expositor will stay at the show untill the end even after to have received the judment.
This is to allow visitors to see all the cats till the end.

These are the things to know to have a general view:

Cats are divided for judgement in several groups as follow:

Long hair, short hair.

( for instance, Persian, Maine Coon, Norwegian forest, Abissinian, Siamese

( example for Maine Coon could be...Brown tabby, brown tabby and white, brown
tabby mackerel, black etc..)

Both male and female in both categories Champion and Premior.
For instance....
All brown tabby and white attending the Cac championship, will challenge to
get the title CAC.



The meaning of cats shows is to follow the evolution of the breed taking the
necessary steps in the breeding programs.
To attend shows, allows the expositor to collect what is necessary to proceed
in the championship.
To better explain how things work to neofites, it must be said that the title
of champion belongs to that cat who has collected the necessary official
evaluation and then certification.
This means that there can be several cats with the same title at the same
time and that there are several title and therefore championships that a cat
may attend.
The certification needed is the evaluation Ex1 that means that the cat is
excellent and therefore with right to compete and go further.
This certification can be obteined during national or international
competition depending the championship that the cat is attending.


A short explanation:

- Only Championship classes ( thus excluding old or too young cats, nestes
etc...) are allowed to achieve the titles.

- Outsiders may just receive a judgement but they don`t have any score.
It is just a general judgement of a pet without any pretention to attend any

-For nestes it is just the same.
It is done to have an official evaluation of the kittens and, on the other
hand, it is a way to show our result to visitors and breeders as well.

Contrarly to the dog fancy, in the cat one they may attend their Championship
and achieve titles during shows.